Korean Fried Chicken Brand bhc chicken Enters the Thai Market

| January 29, 2024
The first store opened in the Atrium Zone on the 7th floor of Central World Department Store in Thailand

bhc chicken, South Korea’s most famous fried chicken brand, is entering the Thai market.

Mr. Thanawat Thongcharoenkiat, CEO of Meation International Food Group Co., Ltd., said, “Following the establishment of a Korean grill brand Saemaul Sikdang in Thailand, we look forward to satisfying the needs of Thai consumers who love Korean food with bhc chicken, an ‘authentic’ Korean fried chicken brand.”

Korea and Thailand representatives of bhc chicken

As the number one fried chicken brand in Korea, bhc chicken is considered to be a company with a strong brand name. Therefore, the opening of the first store in Thailand marks the beginning of a significant expansion into the Thai market.

At the opening ceremony, David Song, CEO of bhc Group, visited to congratulate the opening.

bhc chicken is committed to providing the best dining experience for customers visiting its stores. The harmonious taste, texture, and aroma of the chicken, the friendly and excellent service of the staff, and the bright and cheerful atmosphere of the store’s yellow interior are also designed to satisfy customers.

Every item on the menu goes through a careful process to ensure that bhc chicken delivers delicious chicken to its customers. Fresh, clean, and top-quality ingredients are selected, and the production process is clean and hygienic due to meticulous management.

In addition, the professionally trained staff provides excellent service to customers to fit the brand name bhc, which stands for ‘Better & Happier Choice.’

We hope that many Thai customers will pay attention to bhc chicken, which aims to bring a new experience to customers with ‘authentic Korean fried chicken’ in Thailand.