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Korea's No.1 Chicken

Leading the trend in highly competitive market and focusing on research and development,
bhc has become Korea's leading brand that has increased consumer loyalty with the No.1 brand power and Korea's No.1 Chicken Brand.

Now, bhc Chicken is
on the rise

bhc Chicken's Differentiaion Strategy

High-Oleic Sunflower Oil

Clean chicken bhc uses high-oleic sunflower oil rich with unsaturated fatty acid and vitamin E as frying oil to lower cholesterol levels and help blood circulation.

R&D Center Operations

By researching and studying consumer preferences and market trends, we are developing menus that satisfy consumers' tastes and health at the same time and improving quality.

QCS management

It is a generic term for quality, cleanliness, and service. In order to provide the best taste, hygiene, and service to customers, bhc conducts QCS education, inspection, and management.

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