bhc Co., Ltd. establishes/discloses the privacy policy below to protect the personal information of the subject of
information (client) and to promptly and smoothly handle grievances related to the information in accordance with Article 30 of the Personal Information Protection Act

① Purpose of Handling of Personal Information bhc Co., Ltd. handles personal information for the following purposes and does not use it for purposes other than those listed below:
– Service introduction for subscription and inquiries on the brands of bhc Co., Ltd.

② Period of Handling and Retention of Personal Information

A. bhc Co., Ltd. handles/retains personal information within the period of handling and retention of personal information consented to upon collection of personal information from subject of information or the period of handling and retention of personal information as determined by law.B. Detailed period of handling and retention of personal information is as follows:
– Customer subscription and management: From service inquiry to conclusion of franchise contract, however, upon retention of debt and liability relationship, then until settlement of said relationship;

– Contract/subscription withdrawal, payment, and records of supply of wealth on electronic commerce: 5 years

③ Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties bhc Co., Ltd. shall not provide personal information to third parties unless applicable to Article 17 of the Personal Information Protection Act, including separate consent of subject of information and special law stipulations.

④ Rights, Obligations, and Execution Methods by Subject of Information and Legal Representative Subject of information may execute the following rights related to the protection of personal information at any time regarding bhc Co., Ltd.:

A. Request for perusal of personal information;
B. Request to correct errors in personal information, if any;
C. Request to delete; andD. Request to stop processing.

⑤ Personal Information Items Handled bhc Co., Ltd. handles the following personal information items:

– Name, date of birth, address, telephone number, mobile phone number, email, title

⑥ Destruction of Personal Information

A. bhc Co., Ltd. shall destroy personal information without delay when personal information is no longer needed due to expiry of personal information retention period or achievement of handling purposes.
B. bhc Co., Ltd. shall destroy personal information in the following ways:
– Electronic files: File deletion and formatting of storage media including disks;
– Handwritten documents: Shredding or incineration

⑦ Actions to Secure Safety of Personal Information
bhc Co., Ltd. takes following actions to secure safety of personal information:

– Administrative actions: Establishment and implementation of internal management plans, regular education for staff and employees;
– Technical actions: Management of access rights including setting up passwords for the personal information handling system (or computers where personal information is stored), installation of security programs including virus software, encryption of files where personal information is stored;- Physical actions: Locking and limiting entry to places where personal information is stored.

⑧ Person-in-Charge of Personal Information Protection In order to take general responsibilities on works related to personal information processing and to manage grievances and relieve damages of subject of information related to processing of personal information, bhc Co., Ltd. has designated the person-in-charge of personal information protection as:

  • First
    Department : Information Team
    Name : CHANGSEONG Yoo
    Position : Executive Director
    Contact Details : 02-6204-3477
    E – mail :
  • Second
    Department : Information Team
    Name : NAMUNG KIM
    Position : Assistant Manager
    Contact Details : 02-6204-3475
    E – mail :

⑨ Change in Privacy Policy
This privacy policy is implemented from September 14, 2020.