Who We Are

Leading K-Food, bhc Chicken

Our goal is Korea's largest comprehensive food companies that lead K-food.

We will continue to invest in product development and service improvement to
target various tastes of overseas consumers and expand overseas markets.

bhc Chicken has already become the No. 1 chicken company in Korea.

The second leap forward will be a leading company in the global K-food trend.

— CEO  |   Im Geum-ok

Franchise Interview

Jin Kim
Our goal is to be the driving force
that unites the world.
It is a big honor to work as a resident abroad on behalf of the company.
After the COVID-19 crisis, lots of customers visited bhc and our brand is
expected to be very important in Hong Kong market. This is because
is operated directly and has superior quality and excellent business
operation advantages compared to competitors in Hong kong.
The demand for K-food is increasing. Our goal is not just to promote K-
food and K-culture, but to become a driving force that unites the world.
Jin Kim
Can Lee
bhc USA
The future of K-food is going to get better
and be happier choices.
A new place, a new person, a new culture. It is my duty to spread the new culture of bhc to the United States. I strongly believe that it is the life of expatriates to create sincere delicious food, and opportunities for Americans to meet Korea’s best chicken.
The future of K-food is going to get better and be happier choices.
The people who will make that future are the bhc Group.
Can Lee
bhc USA

We havebhc has offering truly “BETTER & HAPPIER CHOICES”
and will continue becoming a bhc loved by Thais.for Thais customers.
Korean wave ultimately enhances the popularity of Korean food trend in
Thailand nowadays. bhc is one of the brands that has seen surging
demand and be the most checked-in restaurant for Thais when travelling
to Korea
I do believe in bhc “Real Korean Flavor, The No.1 Chicken” with
not compromising in brand standard (product and service) and robust
brand power. To create 100% brand awareness, brand trustworthy, and
build sustainable growth are our bhc Thailand visions.