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overseas business of bhc.

We are looking for international partners to become a world global company
beyond the No.1 chicken brand in Korea.

We invite you as a member of the bhc Chicken where franchisees and headquarters work in harmony based on trust.
Join hands with the bhc Chicken and knock on the door to success.

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Single Unit Franchise/Multi Unit Franchise

"For more information on the operation of Single and Multi-unit Master Franchises in the United States,
please click here."


bhc provides both Master Franchise and Single Franchise options for abroad.
While the previous statement mentions the availability of opportunities in the USA, we also extend our offerings to other countries.
For inquiries regarding franchises outside of the USA, Please reach out to us at and kindly complete the application form provided.

Here are the four main fees associated with the Master Franchise Business:

  1. Master Franchise Fee: This is a one-time fee that grants the designated area to the Master franchisee, providing them with authority over bhc business operations within the territory.
  2. Running Royalty: This fee is paid on a monthly basis and covers the usage of the bhc brand.
  3. Initial Opening Fee: For each store opened within the designated territory, there is a one-time cost associated with it.
  4. Import Cost: To ensure quality management, core materials such as sauces and powders must be sourced exclusively from bhc. The import cost refers to the expense of supplying these original materials (on pre-payment condition).

※ Please note that additional costs may vary depending on the specific details outlined in the contract agreement.

The budget for a Master Franchise Business will vary depending on a number of factors, including the country, development plan, restaurant size, and etc. The details will be shared after the signing of an NDA.

As a Master Franchisor, bhc offers three primary forms of support:

  1. Store Opening Support: We provide comprehensive assistance to ensuring its smooth operation and eventual business stabilization.
  2. Store Inspection: We maintain regular communication and conduct on-site visits to monitor your business operations closely. This allows us to identify any challenges or difficulties you may encounter while running the franchise.
  3. Marketing Support: Our team assists in various aspects of marketing, including new menu development and providing innovative ideas for local marketing campaigns.

Upon receipt of the required documentation, we initiate an internal evaluation that follows a systematic approach to our internal standards and processes.

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